Cyber Marketing operates a casino marketing network with more than 200 properties targeting niche content and geos. Our platform deploys the latest casino content through a cutting edge data API enabling us to deliver snapshot, detailed and compliant information to our entire network in real time ensuring upto date information to all our properties visitors.


Network Launched1998
Current Network Properties200+
Monthly Network Visitors500,000+
Newsletter Subscribers144,000+
Member Subscribers70,000+
Prize Draw Member Subscriptions2,200,000+

We offer a number of opportunities to integrate your media content across our network.


The Listing Placement sees your brand/offer displayed accross our casino portal network, directory and search results, run of network rotation creative media placement top of every network page and available side bar positions and multiple prize draw promotional sponsorship mail drops.

Casino Sites Brand ListingsIncluded
Casino Directory & Search ListingsIncluded
Run of Network Creative Ad Media *Included
Daily Prize Draw & Mail Sponsor Spot **Included
Lifetime RevShare NGR ***50%
Setup Fee5,000
Annual Renewal Fee2,000
Listing Edit Fee60

Weekly Newsletter ****3000
Solo Promotional Mail Drops *****4000
Monthly Side Bar Solo Featured Casino ******3000
Monthly Top Of Page Featured Casinos *******3000


* Run of network creative ad media will include upto 6 media ads per sizes 728x90 and 250x250 animated max 5 frame ads. All run of network creative media is placed in random rotation.
** Advertiser must provide 3 x prizes that will be shipped to the daily prize draw winners of each sponsored draw. Minimum Prize value $50. Mail Sponsor spot will include 3 Solo Mailouts to Promote your brand/offer.
** Mail Sponsor will also be included in the winners notification email drop with logo/800max chars/call to action link or image. Daily Prize Draw delivered by PRIZE365.COM
*** Lifetime RevShare fees will continue regardless of placement renewal. NGR rate must be equivilent to a minimum of GGR x 70% or the commission fee NGR rate will be adjusted accordingly.
**** 3 Inclusions Per Year within the weekly newsletter. One of only Three Brands/Offers are included in each weekly newsletter slot.
***** Your Exclusive maildrop html/image/cta content wrapped inside the Property header and footer. Fee per single maildrop. Maildrops delivered to Newsletter, Member and Prize Draw subscriptions. Max one maildrop p/day.
****** Side Bar Solo Featured Casino Ad displayed accross all Casino Sites, Casino Directory and Search Results.
******* Top Of Page Featured Casinos Ad displayed accross all Casino Sites, Casino Directory and Search Results. Only 3 top of page featured casino positions available.