Our Portfolio

Cyber Marketing delivers gaming entertainment through our portfolio of website properties to a global audience of keen online casino gaming enthusiasts.

Network Gaming Systems
The Network Gaming Systems casino portal platform dynamically deploys hundreds of the best performing online casino brands to our partners branded casino portal, generating lifetime commission revenues for the players referred. We supply a fully responsive website, professional hosting, back office admin and accounting management, real time traffic and casino portal management platform and full dedicated account support. With hundreds of casino portals online delivering a high volume of new players each month, our network is the perfect platform for our casino brand clients to reach a large audience with thier persosnal offering.

Network Content
Network Content is an advertising platform delivering creative media content for advertisers through a diverse network of web properties enabling clients to directly target thier desired audience.

Prize365 gives our members the chance to win a prize every day with our advertising sponsored promotional emails and members newsletter subscription platform. Members confirm thier email address and select the subject categories of interest to them. Every time a member receives and views an advertiser sponsored promotional email, they are automatically entered into the prize draw to win the prize that is provided by the advertiser.

Casino Game Rules
Before you sit down to play your favourite game at a casino table, you should have a complete understanding of how a game is played. At Casino Game Rules we've compiled the rules to many popular casino games providing casino game players with as much information as possible. Casino Game Rules is your best website for casino game rules where you can learn how to play your favorite casino games.

Slots Guide Online
Slots Guide Online gives you valuable information for all the best online slots games. We bring you detailed information about slots game providers and the slots games they supply to online slots operators, game rules, screenshots and more. The slot machine was first invented in 1891 and is a casino gambling machine that creates a game of chance for its customers. The digital revolution has resulted in variations on the original slot machine with players essentially playing a video game, manufacturers are now able to offer more interactive elements, advanced bonus rounds and start of the art video graphics. Slots is the most popular casino game with more than 75% of a casino customers. New slots games are regularly released by the slots providers with some slots games generating a huge popular following.